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Viewing the Animations

This site contains a lot of computer movies and animation. We've decided to deliver these movies to you in "animated GIF" format. "Animated GIF" format is the same format as those irritating flashing banner ads you see all over the place on the web. That's right, we've used "advertising technology" to show you physics! Anyhow, we decided on animated GIFs for three reasons.

  1. All browsers can display animated GIFs, meaning you don't have to do download some special "plug in" to view the animations.

  2. The animated GIF movies we created are about the same size as an equivalent Quicktime or AVI formatted movie.

  3. GIF movies automatically "stream," meaning you start seeing frames of the movie as it downloads (you don't have to wait until the entire movie is downloaded before you see anything).

So here are some notes on viewing the movies:

  • As a movie downloads, it will look awful! Slow, jerky, flickering, etc. This is not the end result! Please let a given movie completely download. It will then start playing, and will look fantastic! Smooth, quick, and very clean.

  • Sometimes, while you are watching a movie, it will stop abruptly. Simply move your mouse pointer over the movie, and it should start up again.

  • If a movie refuses to start playing, try clicking your "reload" button. Also try holding down the [Left-Shift] key when you click "reload."

  • If you still can't get a movie to start, try clearing your browser's cache, then reload the page. This will usually do the trick every time.