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How this site was designed

This site was developed entirely on a Dell 933 MHz computer with 384 Megs of RAM. We used the Linux operating system, in this case RedHat Linux version 6.2. Testing and development was done locally using the Apache web server. All CGI programs were written in the C language, and complied with GCC. All text editing of C and HTML sources was done using the VIM text editor. Since Cascading Style Sheets are so confusing and result in so much extra junk being send over the line, a custom C program was written to handle global page attributes, such as fonts and colors. The computer generated graphics were all done using Povray, which is one of the neatest programs we've ever used. The video footage was captured using a DT3155 frame grabber by Data Translation, and custom software, which allows us to capture real time video frames at 30 Hz. The raw video was cleaned up and scaled using ImageMagick programs. Animated GIFs were created using Gifsicle. Fonts were inspired by those used at HalfBakery.com. Seriously, how does one find out about a font called "Trebuchet?" How do you pronounce it? All programming and web development skills were self-taught. The Physics we learned at Cal. State Northridge and the University of Virginia. Both schools are highly recommended. When we got bored during development, we surfed CNN and Yahoo!. By the way, if you need help with your math homework, go to Webmath.

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