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What is this?

This selection will allow you to create your very own online, multiple choice quiz, in about 10 minutes!

You can create an entire quiz right here, right now, with your browser. Once done, you can later refer your students back to this web site, so they can take the quiz. This is a great way to create educational, interactive, and best of all online activities for your students.


Once you write your quiz, it will be stored safely on our server. When your students click here to take your quiz, this site will administer the quiz, grade the quiz, show the student their grade, and optionally tell the student what the correct answers are.

As the quiz creator, you also have the option of having each student's quiz result emailed to you, so you can see how they're doing.

To try out a sample quiz, click here.

Go Ahead!

If you're interested in using this free online, interactive, and educational service, just follow the prompts below.

1. Enter a unique identification name for this quiz:
This will be the reference name your students will use to access the quiz. (Examples: SmithsClass1, MarysQuiz, MonroeHighSchool1, etc.)

2. How many questions will be on your quiz?

(20 maximum)

3. How many possible answer choices do you want each question to have?

(Since this is a multiple choice quiz, one answer choice will be the correct one, the others will simply be "choices.")

4. Type your email address below so your students' quiz results can be emailed to you.

This is optional. If you do not wish to have your students' results emailed to you, just leave this box empty. Before using this option for the first time, however, you must register your email address with our server. If you have already registered, you do not need to re-register; just type your email address into the box and click "Go on..."