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If you register your email address, you can have your students' quiz results emailed to you. Using this option, after each student completes a quiz, their name, grade, correct and incorrect problems will be emailed to you. Also, a "time stamp" will be included in the email, indicating precisely when a student submitted a quiz for grading. You will receive one email for each student that takes your quiz.

The email address you enter below will only be used by our server to email you quiz results. It will not be used for any other purposes (like spam, advertising, "get rich quick" notices, etc.).

After entering your email address below, click the "register" button. When you do so, an email will be immediately sent to the address you typed, with further instructions on how to complete final registration (so check your email right after clicking "Register!") Afterwards, you can return to creating your quiz. The whole process takes about one minute.

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