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A Video showing you how Weightlessness Happens

Ok, so here's a video to help you understand weightlessness, or "zero g."

What we have here is a scale with a chunk of metal hanging on it. The scale clearly shows how heavy the metal is (about 5 Newtons, or 1.1 pounds).

Now, if for some reason the metal became "weightless" (like it was in the Space Shuttle), the scale would read zero (weightless = zero weight), and the metal float around, like the astronauts.

The question is: What do you think happens to the reading on the scale when both the metal and scale fall freely towards the ground?
(Note: The scale and metal remain attached to each other, and will remain oriented as shown.)
What do you think? What will happen to the reading on the scale, if the whole thing is dropped?

The reading will stay the same.

The reading will change.

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